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    PRODUCTS CENTER Degong mainly manufactures loader series, differentiated loader products, pavement cold recycler series, concrete road breaker and road machinery, etc. The company has become a professional manufacturer of earthmoving and road construction and maintenance machinery.

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    DG938 Wheel Loader

    DG938 Wheel Loader
    Low fuel consumption, big torque, low noise, superior performance, convenient and flexible operation, higher stability, high efficiency, and more safe and reliable.
    ParametersValue ParametersValue
    Bucket capacityStandard bucket1.7m3Rated load3.0t
    Coal bucket2.2m3Max. breakout force96 KN
    Travel speedForwardI Gear  5.8 km/hMax. travel speed35km/h
    II Gear 10.8 km/hFuel tank volume 160L
    III Gear 18.4 km/hOperating weight10.5t
    Ⅳ Gear  35 km/hMax. traction force95KN
    ReverseI Gear  7.8 km/hAutomatic bucket levelingAvailable
    II Gear  27 km/hService brakeAir over oil caliper disc brake
    EngineModelCA6DF1D-12GAG2Dump heightExtended boom3057mm
    Rated power92kWLong reach3200mm
    Rated revs2200r/minDump distanceExtended boom906mm
    Max. torque520N.MLong reach886mm
    Work cycle time5.5+3.0+1.0=9.5sDimension (L×W×H)7203×2484×3206mm

    ? Xichai and Deutz Engine are optional, featuring low fuel consumption, big torque, low noise and superior performance.
    ? Power shift transmission, full hydraulic steering, convenient and flexible operation, and higher stability.
    ? The optimal design of Z-type reverse bucket tipping mechanism contributes to large breakout force and high work efficiency.
    ? Structural parts made of high quality manganese steel and reinforced boom contributes to more reliable quality.
    ? The automatic bucket leveling function reduces the driver’s work intensity.
    ? With optimally designed drive system and hydraulic system, it has higher travel speed and work efficiency.
    ? Heavy weight and long axle base make it more stable during operation.
    ? Equipped with articulated frame, it has small turning radius.
    ? It adopts air over hydraulic caliper disc single pipeline brake system, with high quality polyurethane high pressure hose, which is more safe and reliable.
    ? The pin shafts for the working device are all mounted with anti-dust device, which prolongs the service life.
    ? The ergonomically designed cab has wide view and comfortable vibration absorption seat, which is more safe and reliable.
    ? With multiple working devices like log grasper, grass grasper, coal bucket, rock bucket, high dump device, breaker, etc. the machine can handle various kinds of work.

    Wheel loaders to be exported to Nepal

    Ukraine customer

    Indian customers

    Fu Zhiguo in Cuba

    Fu Zhiguo in Cuba

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