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    ABOUT US Degong was one of the first enterprise that have gained the Manufacture License of Special Equipment and passed the assessment of “National Safety Enterprise”. Degong has passed the evaluation of provincial level enterprise management and on-site management. And Degong products have won the Science and Technology Achievement Award of Shandong Province for multiple times......

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    1958The predecessor of the company Dezhou Ship Maintenance Factory was established, and it was affiliated to Canal Shipping Bureau of Shandong Provincial Transport Department.

    Oct. 1970The company changed its name as Dezhou Port Machinery Manufacturing Factory.

    1978The company produced five sets of ZLSJ30 articulated loader. The testing and assessment work was completed at the end of the year, and the five machines all met the design requirements. Thus the company became one of the earliest loader manufacturers in China.

    1980The ZLSJ-30 3t loader won Third Prize for Technology Research of Shandong Province.

    1981The Canal Shipping Bureau of Shandong Provincial Transport Department was dismissed. And Dezhou Port Machinery Manufacturing Factory was renamed as Dezhou Handling Machinery Manufacturing Factory, affiliated to the Materials Industry Company of Shandong Provincial Transport Department.

    1986The company successfully developed ZL30A loader, and the full trailer passed the provincial level evaluation.

    December 11, 1987ZL45 loader passed the provincial level evaluation.

    1990The company developed ZL30B loader and two bucket loaders.

    1991The company changed its name as Shandong Dezhou Traffic Engineering Machinery Factory. And the ZL30B loader and DZ200 bucket loader passed the provincial-level evaluation.

    1994The company developed ZL30C loader and YZ12 vibratory road rollers.

    1995The company developed ZL15F loader.

    1997The company developed ZL40 loader and ZL40D loader; and began to develop LX1000 road miller and WB400 stabilized soil mixer.
    June 1998The company began to develop ZL50F loader and finished the sample machine in 2000.

    June 1998Approved by Shandong Administrative Bureau Of State-Owned Property, the company was restructured and changed its name as Shandong Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. and joined Shandong Construction Machinery Group.

    1999The company developed YZ14J, YZ18J vibratory road roller, and WS300 stabilized soil mixing equipment, and was enrolled in the Plan of Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technological Transformation Project.

    2001The company began to develop YZC12 double drum vibratory road roller and finished the sample machine in 2002.

    January 28, 2002Dezhou Degong Macinery Co, Ltd. was established jointly funded by Shandong Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. and the staff. In the same year, the latter began to manufacture WZ25-20 backhoe loader.

    April 10, 2003ZL50G-II loader, YZ20J vibratory road roller, WB525 cold recycling machine was successfully developed. Shandong Construction Machinery Group granted Shandong Communication Industry Group Corp. the full power and authority to manage the whole business of Dezhou Degong Macinery Co, Ltd. The 80 million RMB first phase project was basically completed, and the new plant was put into production.

    June 16, 2004Dezhou Degong Macinery Co, Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony. When the second phase was completed, the company’s annual output capacity will be 10,000 sets of loader and 3,000 sets of road machinery, and the company will become a major player in China’s construction machinery industry.

    2005WB525 asphalt pavement cold recycling machinery passed the evaluation.

    December 2007Degong pavement cold recycler was awarded “National Key New Product”.

    2009The PSJ400 multi-head concrete road breaker was successfully launched.

    2010The pavement cold recycler product kept advanced level in domestic market, and the concrete road breaker product was also in the leading position in China. The company also developed and made trial production of DG953 short axle base wheel loader and PSJ230 concrete road breaker.

    2011The company made great breakthrough in the total industrial output value and sales revenue.

    2012The company aimed at Management Improvement and raised the requirements of “enhancing basic management, improving management level”, taking multiple measures to promote the company’s development.

    2013The company focuses on innovation.

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